Sexual Identity

Sexual identity is what’s happening with me in my life right now.  I’ve never felt more free and “normal” about my sexuality and desires.  I’m learning I have a darker side, but it’s not as bad as I had feared it would be.  I don’t recall ever desiring a man this much in my life.  Ever.  I never knew how men were just as complex and beautiful creatures as we women.  Only wonderfully different.  I think my past shut me off from men completely-I know for a fact it did.  And I’ve met some incredible, incredible people that share similar desires and stories and I feel so…human!  I’ve told them EVERYTHING, and I’m accepted, even liked.  It’s the best feeling I’ve had in a long time.  I’m new to these deep attractions I feel, so I worry I come off strong. And I have, but I’m sure it will balance out.  I cannot say enough how relieved I am and how heady I feel half the time just thinking about men.  Ahhhh!  So forgive me for my ramblings and my erotic poem I wrote (that I love).  I wish I would get feedback on it!

to be touched
say it–”touched”–
an intimate kiss
when he says my name, his
voice seeping through me,
pooling into my caverns
and curves
every drop from him
a fine, careful sip–
fingers trailing
across my skin–
the rise of the heat
the pulse thudding
mouth to mouth
lip to lip
thirsty across my tongue
across my breasts
and at last eddying down
to that secret opening;
he intoxicates me, lusting
and loving and licking
between my thighs–
giving and giving
until I see those pink sparks
behind my eyes
and then
it’s dark–slipping into
that void only he
can enter-the
center of my secret
that I don’t know how to tell
–and I’m drunk,
falling into words I can’t
help but say
that come from
the core of my sex
and his
and then, there it is–
the first thrust into
me and I want to fall apart
where we meet,
shaking and squeezing
as that deep deep drink
mixes with mine;
low, uncontrolled vowels
escape from my lips,
as a train of violence
is coming through my body, all
I can do is say “touch–” and
my back
he penetrates the
secret until
I have nothing left.


5 responses to ‘Sexual Identity

  1. I applaud your poem. It was sensual without being pornographic. It was as much about the thrill of intimacy as it was about the visceral thrill of sex. —As for the “intro,” I wish everyone to feel as much freedom as possible in everything, and I’m glad for you.


  2. Amy,

    Wow do I relate! I.have never been a, what I call, “normalsexual” (is.there even such a thing?) but have.hidden my sexual identity from everyone my entire life except for my amazing wife. Just a month or two ago I said the hell with it and “came out” as having a couple of fetishes on Facebook. It was terrifying and liberating.

    I’m pretty damn liberal when it comes to sex and sexuality, and I just don’t know what people are so afraid of.

    I applaud you, and please know your desires are absolutely normal and healthy. Not that I thought you were questioning them, but throwing that out there anyway. I’ve written quite a few Haiku and senryu about my smoking fetish and tattoo (fetish? philia?) to date. You may like them.




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