A Trauma Theory

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Here’s my poem, recently published in FRiGG Magazine, issue 35

Amy J. Sprague

It was my third year in college when I first heard the term string theory.
I remember moving forward slightly, waiting anxiously for what he’d say next,
and as the professor strolled over
quantum physics and how this theory could explain all the forces of nature—
what it could reveal, the dark mysteries it could possess—
I know that I felt the spindles in my irises unraveling like
a sketched star in reverse, and then it connected to words in my brain,
and then to the angles in my fingers, the shoots in my nervous system,
in my every response and reaction—all of us these bodies
in cubic space, specks in the ether, strung together, moving each other,
causing and effecting—
And all of this happened not out of belief
but from the simplicity of proofs. [Read more...]