Curious Things

Readers I Have Questions, I see my psychologist friday but I wanted your insights. Aside from a lot of dissociating (not severe) and hearing voices when I am stressed out,…

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August’s Reading List

So this month, seeing that I can’t decide and I’m a titch manic, I’m reading many books at the same time (I always do that).  I like to mix it…

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The Center’s Keep

The Center’s Keep There are slights–these subtle moments, in between–that I forget I’m looking for. There’s no perfume or intention to stumble me but, if my head’s quiet enough, I see…

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I would have preferred a monk and maybe a lifetime of discipline over the pace I chose to find some way, collecting my hospital bracelets from the bin as if they were…

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it sounds like a circus back there, behind me where I can’t go, trapped in my mute carnival and I’m suddenly alone in a huge wide world, a spinning playground…

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Flat Affect

there is a piece I lost a great, big piece I lost and I don’t know where I am. I slipped away once upon… I stole inside where touch and…

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the panic of peace

scattered prose LISTEN & READ: 05 – 4am  The Panic of Peace Flat affect.  What a depersonalized symptom to give the hider.  Yes, let’s play, you seek.  You seek out…

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…excerpt “Mason Jars”

  I wanted part of my soul to shine with that purple gloss of independence like hers did.  I’d wait around after relaying my young thoughts or invocations for her…

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